Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Why Mike Bobo's decision to call from the press box is AWESOME!!!

When Mike Bobo made the decision to call the offense from the press box he made more than one decision. Another decision he made was that he felt that Aaron Murray has complete control over his offense and he trusts he can make the reads he needs to be successful. This frees up Coach Bobo's ability to play chess with Chris Peterson and the Boise defense.

If all goes well the Bulldogs may see huge benefits from this decision.

4 star John Atkins Chose UGA!!!

It is being reported that John Atkins, a Defensive lineman for the 2012 class, has chosen to play college football for the University of Georgia.

Welcome to the Dawg Nation Mr. John Atkins!

Athens Musicians and Georgia Bulldogs Connor Pledger and Phil Scheidt made finals in Eddie's Attic Open Mic

Local Athens musicians Connor Pledger and Phil Scheidt almost won the prestigious Eddie's Attic Open Mic competition this past week. Eddie's Attic has been noted as being the springboard to many artists including John Mayer, Sugarland, Shawn Mullins, Josh Joplin, and The Civil Wars.

Other artists known to have played at Eddie's Attic include; as noted by the Eddie's Attic website

 Indigo Girls, John Gorka, Sheryl Crow, Ani DiFranco, Brandi Carlile, The Black Crowes, Al Stewart, David Wilcox, Bill Mallonee, Kevn Kinney, Edwin McCain, Richard Shindell, Ellis Paul, Francine Reed, Patty Larkin, Malcomb Holcombe, Larry Jon Wilson, Eric Taylor, Glen Phillips, Dana Cooper, Billy Joe Shaver, Pierce Pettis, Kate Campbell, Cheryl Wheeler, Cliff Eberhardt, Vance Gilbert, Lowen & Navarro, India.Arie, Brian Vander Ark and Don Conoscenti.

The video's below are a recording of Connor and Phil's performance this past week. He is known for his acoustifunk style that blends many different types of music together as well as his powerful vocals. You can get his latest album on Itunes.

"Old With You"

"Help Me"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Georgia Football Eve and all I want for Christmas is a second trip to Atlanta

We play Boise State tomorrow. Let me say that again, ...tomorrow. Ahhhhh.... that feels good.

This time of year seems to last longer until the first game, when the speed hits fast forward. If we can just make it one more day we get to see what our coaches really have in store for us. 

The best thing about the game tomorrow is that even if the worst happens it doesn't really matter, it doesn't affect the teams ultimate goal, reaching the SEC championship. However, a win tomorrow would only be made that much sweeter because it would prove we are underrated.

The added momentum carried into the game against South Carolina following a win would make the Bulldogs a team to truly be reckoned with.

What did Orson Charles do to himself? Think "Orson Phoenix", and other great do's

I actually love this look, and I think it will fit great under that new helmet. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time, Demolition Man! Now that would be an awesome nickname.  Best hairdo of the preseason.

Brandon Boykin got serious cool points for sporting this classic shaved look. I bet he took a tenth off his 40 yard dash like a swimmer. Most aerodynamic.

Well I just have to give Mr. White here the title of Best Western 2011. Seems like he would create a little bit of drag with those chops, or maybe he uses them to get lift to fly. Least aerodynamic or most downforce?

How ready are the Georgia Bulldogs for Saturday? Not as ready as I am!

If you ask me, the Bulldogs haven't been this ready to play a football game since the 2007 dismantling of Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.
That game in itself was a turning point for the Bulldogs, the point where the Dawgs realized what their true potential really was, and it lasted very briefly.

The Bulldogs of 2008 were crowned preseason number one by a vast majority of polls and the Bulldogs themselves truly believed it.

The problem came when UGA faced a motivated team. A team with the real fight and desire to win, the desire that drives you to the early morning 7 on 7 practices, the desire that makes you want to practice, makes you want to work hard.

Alabama walked into Sanford Stadium in 2008 and turned the lights off during Georgia's "Black Out". Before the Bulldogs could even think about what was wrong they were down 31-0.

The Bulldogs came back in the second half motivated , but it was short lived. The #1 team in the land had been handed their own nuts on a crimson platter as if the Tide had performed the neutering themselves.

The reality was the Dawgs had neutered themselves, they had taken away their own reason to fight by accepting they were the best and feeling confident in their complacency.

It took another year to figure out that certain members of the coaching staff weren't being hard enough on the players, on and off the field.

We watched as our beloved Dawgs slipped slowly into obscurity on the field and rapidly into the police blotter off the field.

Then it seemed Mark Richt had taken all that he could handle, he decided to drop his longtime friend Willie Martinez from the staff and bring in NFL Defensive Line coach Todd Grantham.

From the outside looking in it didn't take long to notice that the Dawgs were responding to Coach Grantham. Players were slowly becoming a cohesive unit and the defense started to play football.

The amount of work that the coaching staff has put into the players this year has been equalled by the amount of work the players have put in.

The Bulldogs truly seem motivated, the players are acting like a team. The older players are encouraging the freshmen and the freshmen aren't worried about playing time.

The most important factor is that Aaron Murray is ready, the best signal caller in the SEC will need to be ready to face a defense with the ability of Boise State's.

Truth be told, I have been very impressed with how well Aaron Murray has taken over the team in only his third year on campus. He may be a redshirt sophomore but he acts like a redshirt senior. He is always studying game tape, calling players for outside of practice 7 on 7 games, and being a very vocal and spiritual leader for the entire team.

I hate to say it but he reminds me of another "special" SEC player that played for a team south of Georgia.

So to wrap thing up, I would have to say yes, I think the 2011 Georgia Bulldogs are ready.