Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RSIV: How Richard Samuel Became a Superhero

UGA had finally taken the lead 24-20. It was 4th down and 11 and Missouri had the ball on their own 35. It was a fake, and we weren't set up for it, but somehow two blockers were unable to keep him from making the tackle. Jimmy Burge, a fifth year senior defensive tackle, and Jared Mcgriff-Culver, a fifth year senior tailback, should have been an impenetrable wall moving through defenders with ease and UGA's own fifth year senior fullback made a move that many NFL players would have trouble replicating.

He grabbed Burge, the 295 pound blocker, and forced him to the left using his own weight as a brace to launch himself past the incoming McGriff-Culver and straight into the chest of Missouri's punter who did all he could to hold on to the football. Richard Samuel had just single handedly blown up Gary Pinkiel's well timed fake punt. Before Samuel could fully stand up and before the ref could even call the turnover, Head Coach Mark Richt had jumped onto the field and grabbed Samuel around the neck and started congratulating him on saving the day.

In my opinion Samuel may have saved the season, his long journey had a defining moment, a moment he could be remembered for, for a very long time. I will never forget the tackle Richard Samuel made in Missouri on that amazing night for Georgia Bulldogs football. Will you?

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JDBlawg's Freshman of the Week - Jordan Jenkins

Jordan Jenkins lived up to the name, the "Freak" showed Missouri a sample of what offenses are sure to fear in the near future. In a game where the second half was most important to success, the depth of JJ, JJ, and JJ showed through. The youngest of the "3 JJ's" is only a freshman but from watching him play you could never tell. He was everywhere in the second half and his fight and determination was superior in his will to corral the fumble caused by the elder Jarvis Jones. He added to his fumble recovery four total tackles including one for loss and two unassisted, he has 6 tackles this season already. I am very excited about what the future holds for Jordan Jenkins and UGA.

Honorable Mention: Marshall Morgan

One of the more memorable performances by a Georgia kicker in the past couple years, Marshall Morgan had only one flaw in his game, his extra points. He was in a foreign stadium with raucous fans as a freshman, less than a full year separated from high school. He faced a 51 yard field goal to tie the game at 3 a piece, and the kick was beautiful. Then after UGA marched down the field, they were prepared to tie the game at 10 and on his PAT, the ball flailed wildy away from the upright. But he made up for it, by making his other field goal attempt and making the rest of his PAT's. I am sure he will make the freshman of the week soon.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UPDATED: The rumors in Memphis, Auburn, and the connection to UGA

Everyone wants to know whats going down on the plains. There has been a rumor going around the web that there will be news coming out soon about recent goings on in Memphis that includes violations stemming from 7 on 7 tournaments and involves Byron De'Vinner who has been a mentor to players such as Jovon Robinson, a previous Auburn player released for academic fraud, and Will Redmond, a Mississippi State player who is possibly being investigated also.

There are also rumors floating around that Jovon Robinson has paid for a Dodge Charger with money from Auburn, but the Robinson family has stated that Jovon's father had passed away and the family was left with a large settlement. There are rumors that Trooper Taylor had a hand in the academic fraud, by persuading an Auburn alumnus to change the grades, and contradicting rumors that say Auburn is who alerted the NCAA about the apparent fraud. There are also rumors that a teacher/coach at Jovon's school drove him to Auburn and did not tell his mother, and even after the car broke down and they had to stay longer the mother wasn't told, which led to her calling the police because Jovon was missing.

There are rumors that Mississippi State will be given probation and Auburn and Alabama would receive secondary violations. Some are even saying it could affect UGA, Tennessee, and any other school that may have had any contact with these or other Memphis area recruits. UGA fans may have heard that Sheldon Dawson was being investigated by the NCAA, but it is also believed to have only been about what he had heard or seen from the other involved recruits.

My opinion is that there will some truth to a portion of this, but overall there will be many disappointed fans that were wishing for the death penalty for Auburn, myself included. After the whole $Cam Newton saga there aren't many fans in the SEC that don't hold some resentment for Auburn and their "ways". If I had to make a guess I would say that MSU would receive probation after admitting to violations and removing their WR coach, and Auburn would receive a slap on the wrist because they cant prove Trouper Taylor or any other Auburn employee had a hand in the academic fraud and they have already removed Jovon Robinson.

Update:  According to the Clarion Ledger

"Byron De’Vinner, who has been interviewed by NCAA investigators, told the Head to Head radio show in Mississippi on Tuesday that he saw a “handshake” between the booster and Redmond and that former MSU receivers coach Angelo Mirando was aware of those benefits."

De’Vinner confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger on Tuesday afternoon that he called into the radio show, and added that the handshake between the booster and Redmond included about “$200.” He declined to answer further questions.

Updated at 10:25

According to

Another Memphis high school coach has confirmed talking to the NCAA. Former Wooddale High School assistant Courtney Rogers said today the NCAA interviewed him a month ago about why ex-Auburn running back Jovon Robinson had two transcripts.

Rogers, a former Tennessee wide receiver, said he didn't have control of the transcripts and doesn't know who did.

Updated at 12:25

ESPN is now also reporting

De'Vinner confirmed to ESPN's Joe Schad on Tuesday afternoon that he called into the radio show. He said the handshake between Redmond and the booster included about "$200."

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Georgia Bulldogs Football: Aaron Murray In Trouble With The Law

Haha, all you guys that like to feel relieved, here you go.

 Aaron Murray 

Mom just sent me a pic of a $160 ticket I just got in the mail. New cameras on lights in Tampa caught me  

Well a ticket isn't an arrest, but it is trouble when you're broke.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Four Horsemen Could Actually Come to Fruition

How crazy would it be for the Bulldogs to land three top running backs in the 2012 class, added to Isaiah Crowell, to become the Mike Davis endorsed "Four Horsemen". Well, it may be crazy, but it is now definitely possible. With the addition of Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley, the Bulldogs have refilled their recently depleted running backs stable.

Mike Davis has been hard to read as of late, and he has upcoming visits with UGA and South Carolina. With Clemson also on his list look for another high profile commitment. I predict Mike Davis to UGA because of the picture and because at one point he did say he had UGA as his top choice. Many are also saying that he is a "silent" Gamecocks commit.

Best of luck to him, I hope he chooses the home state team and comes to play as a team, but if he wants to be a featured back with all eyes on him, then maybe he should choose Clemson or the Cocks. But I'm greedy and I gotta have em' all. Go Dawgs!