Monday, July 18, 2011

My response to an Auburn Tigers football fan.

Here is the specific comment that I responded to.

"Unfortunately, right now, I do. The truth is that I have little faith in the Georgia staff from what I am hearing out of the program. I do not see the hunger and desire that is evident in Gainsville, Starkville and Columbia. Talent wise, Georgia only has problems along the lines in my opinion and those could be overcome scheme. I simply do not see the talent development at Georgia that is evident in these other programs right now.
I think Georgia is a 7-5 or possibly 8-4 team in the SEC at present. I do think they would do very well in other conferences, but they are not in other conferences. They will simply be a good football team playing against better football teams.

As far as Auburn goes, this was a comment about Georgia football, but I will bite.
Auburn does have a replacement for Cameron Newton. He is lighter, and will not do as much inside running, but he is also faster and has a stronger and more accurate arm. I did no believe it either, but seeing is believing and we will all see soon enough. The progression of this Auburn team has been utterly remarkable to this point.
Something else you should keep an eye on. CJ Uzomah is similar in size and build to Cameron Newton and is a great inside runner. He will be taking wildcat snaps and can throw the ball if necessary. He is also from Georgia.
I thought Auburn would take a step back on offense myself this year, but from what I am seeing and hearing, this just might not be the case. I guess we will see soon enough. As always Auburn plays Mississippi State early on, and right now they are the most precision team within their scheme in the SEC. They lost very little and are very crisp in execution. That game should tell us something about Auburn."

OK now here is my response,
"The hunger is back Kevin. I don't know who you are hearing from, because everyone that I have spoken to says that UGA is determined to make this a season of great memory.
You should appreciate this, all of the "bad elements" are gone from the team.
The Defensive line will be our strongest asset and our offensive line has two of the top lineman in the NCAA and a rising star in Kenarious Gates. Zach DeBell and Watts Dantzler will both be ready to compete this year as well as our large assembly of backup lineman.
The lack of depth at O-line was more about losses after this season, and we have that taken care of now, we picked up top O-lineman John Theus and an under the radar 330 pound high schooler for 2012 already.
Georgia will win the east this year going at least 10-2 and will play Bama or LSU for the SEC.
Hang your hopes on a true freshman, but I have seen CJ play at NGHS and he has a LONG way to go before he can be compared to Cam Newton. He is a talented young man but he is not as dominant as you want him to be.
Cam Newton was the team last year. Failey rushed on every play, he got sacks because the rest of the defense was awful and offenses always felt like they had time to throw the ball. So when Failey did get off his block he had time to lower his helmet into the opposing team's QB's lower back.
Almost every game was a comeback orchestrated by Cam, the defense would give up tons of points early, then as the teams got tired Cam would turn on the juice. Its sad he won't get to keep that Heisman when they strip it for not being true to the spirit of the game.
Yes we know all of Auburn's best players are from Georgia, well most of our players are from Georgia and our best are the best from Florida. Props to the state of Florida for producing such rich talent for the Bulldogs to come in and bring over from the Dark Side.
Auburn will absolutely take a few steps back this year, it wouldn't be fair to Chizik to expect another winning season, the schedule is too hard and the talent is too young.
No one can replace Cam Newton he is a once in a decade player that has intangibles that don't usually pair together. You better start hoping that Theus, Henry, Ramsey, Terry, Jordan Jenkins, and Johnathon Taylor don't start to pull Ricky Parks back into the state of Georgia. Dream Team II and III are shaping up very nicely and a Dream Team IV may be in the works with Williams.
Thanks for the comments."

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