Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's make sure we double check this list. UGA's checklist for beating Boise State.

The Georgia Bulldogs have a tall order to fill in order to beat the Boise State Broncos. There is a checklist that can be followed that was provided by the Nevada Wolfpack. This is that list:
  1. Have a star dual-threat accurate passing quarterback - The Wolfpack had Colin Kaepernick, and the Bulldogs have Aaron Murray.
  2. Have multiple power and speed running backs - The Bulldogs feature three running backs with power and speed: Richard Samuel, Ken Malcome and Isaiah Crowell.
  3. Don't have one receiver for the defense to key on - The Bulldogs have multiple receiver threats in 2011, and tight end Orson Charles may be the team's best receiver at 6'3" and 240 pounds.
  4. Have very large tight ends with high skill level - Georgia is known for its tight ends. The Bulldogs have the top tight ends in the country.
  5. Make sure your offensive line has no one under 300 pounds but is still athletic -Georgia's offensive line actually outweighs Nevada's 2010 line by 115 pounds.
  6. Have a very strong and fast defense - Georgia will have one of the top defenses in the SEC this year. The SEC has the best defense in the NCAA.
  7. Be able to play two senior special team players. Georgia has the best kicker/punter combo in the nation. 

     Boise State will have to play very aggressively to stay in this game. Georgia already has all the pieces to win; they just need to follow this checklist.
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