Thursday, December 29, 2011

Get back to work!


John Jenkins Will Be Staying At Least One More Year.

Don't fret Dawg fans! Motel 6 will be back for another season as the Nose Tackle Supreme for the Georgia  Bulldogs. Late night bookfacing led me to this interesting note Big Daddy Jenks posted after a late night of ...... practicing?

John Jenkins

I can't leave things how it is... Smh
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John Jenkins Man I don't talk about things dealing with uga but ur right I believe coach R deserve his first national I'm coming back believe that big dog just be ready for next season
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John Jenkins All know we gotta win this bowl game in order to start next season off right

It seems to me Mr. Jenkins has the ambition that the Bulldogs of yesteryear may have lacked.

Go Dawgs!!