Monday, August 29, 2011

Boise State Broncos fans ten Greatest fears and one hilarious video

10. Boise State will lose one game this year.
9. Boise State won't make it to the National Championship.
8. UGA is exactly as advertised by the coaches, "ready".
7. Boise State will have to rely on a kicker to win a game.
6. Kellen Moore will resemble Kyle Zabransky from 2005.
5. Idaho becomes it's own country.
4. The Broncos relocate to a state where they can actually recruit.
3. The Broncos face Colin Kaepernick again. (Not really, but I'm sure it is still a fear.)
2. The Broncos hopes of an NCAA title end week one.
1. The Dawgs will crush Boise State 48-13, again.